I’m Rachel, a Nashville native all the way up in Fairfield County, CT. I specialize in fine art weddings, lifestyle, families and all other imagery that inspires. I love all things ethereal, but even more I love the outdoors. I like adventures that involve spontaneity which brings out the true adventurer. 

I am passionate about my work as an Art Therapist. I won’t be silenced in order to bring about change. I believe in the power from within. I love sci-fi books about dystopian societies and movies before there was color. Jazz music moves me. Miles Davis, though he was quite frayed and broken has always has my heart.

Some people say I do really good impressions of celebrities, in other words I make people laugh. I love light and bringing an authentic smile to my couples. I try to warm up my clients with all the latest kids jokes and innuendos because there’s nothing like a bashful and authentic smile. Oh, and I swear. Especially when I really love something or I sing out of tune either way you get me for who I am.

My goal in all of my photography is light and emotion. I’m particularly fond of sunrise and sunset and catching that perfect light for all of my clients is what I aim to achieve. Light is always around us and in the great words of Professor Dumbeldore, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”   

I believe that art heals and love endures all things. I fell in love with my husband one afternoon snowboarding in Canada. Our son, Rowan, named after the Rowanberry Tree, is everything that motivates me to continue my passion and follow my dreams as both a Photographer and Art Therapist.

-Rachel B.

That’s me, every bit of it, in my happiest and truest form. Lovely to meet you…

All images on this page by: Michelle Gardella  – River Stories