May 16, 2017

Justice + Matt // Tarrywile Engagement

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In addition to being a photographer I am an Art therapist. last year Justice interned for our organization while going to school to become a social worker. Folks, Let me tell you. This woman has so much heart and soul I’ve never seen anyone more dedicated to the field than anyone else. Then again, there’s her fiance Matt who’s just as endearing and helpful as she. Matt is an LCSW working with adults with special needs. Honestly, I can’t think of a more kind and humbling couple than these two. They’re just as fun in person as they appear on the screen. I cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day and even more so I am so honored to know these two influential and passionate souls!

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I had a crush on Sarah the first time I laid eyes on her in our Art Therapy grad school program. The kind of friend crush you get when you know you'd totally jive with someone. It was long after that we were two little grads, planning her wedding and off to our new jobs like little kids. Sarah's a forever kind of friend. I know this because her and Jarret have been in love and sweethearts since they were we tots. Nothing gets passed them and these two are an inspiration for all of us on how to keep that special kind of love alive. These two are just beautiful beyond words. I love you both and cannot wait to meet Mr. Ryder. Soon enough!