February 16, 2017

Meghan + MJ // Engaged


As I was sitting having my coffee going over some of the details for Meghan and MJ’s engagement later in the afternoon I received a text message. MJ was so excited to create something special as a surprise for Meghan. Now you should know, that Meghan is an incredible artist and Master’s level Art Therapist who is going back to school to also become a nurse. If you don’t know them you will easily fall in love with them just by witnessing their humbleness of having met while working at the Mental Health Clinic. Truly, there’s no other love story like theirs. Even their engagement story makes your heart melt. Meghan had been accepted as a resident artist in Cape Cod at a shanty in downtown Hyannis. MJ surprised her with a proposal just after she sold her first painting. Are you in love yet? scroll down to witness it all for yourself!

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